Our commitment to provide the best trained, regulated, and professional officers to our clients, whether commercial or government (federal and local), is the driving force behind our extensive training and development program. We will assist your company in developing its officers to meet their full potential. Our goal is to exceed the traditional outcome of “Meeting Minimum Standards” to accomplishing the requirements and expectations necessary for officers to perform with confidence, knowledge, skills, and abilities to protect and assist in the security management mission. At Abraham Security & Training Services, Inc. we are Trained for Trust and work tirelessly to meet and exceed your security management needs.

Security Consulting


Abraham Security & Training Services, Inc. (ASATS) works directly with our clients in conducting security risk audits and assessments designed to help clients understand the unique threats and/or risks specific to their organization.


Following our assessment, ASATS partners with clients to develop and implement thoughtful, tangible security solutions that reduce the identified risks.

For clients with security personnel and solid security and asset management plans in place, ASATS provides training for those personnel as a means of strengthening their ability to carry out those plans.

Far too often, security companies establish one-way relationships with clients. ASATS creates strong two-way partnerships that allow for course correction and the development of additional policies and procedures to ensure absolute client satisfaction.

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Close Protection


Abraham Security & Training Services, Inc. (ASATS) provides the highest level of close protection services to business executives, high profile celebrities, government officials, victims of domestic violence and anyone who is in need of specialized personal protection.


Certain places and situations warrant the use of security escorts or bodyguards. In these circumstances, ASATS turns to its team of reliable close protection agents whose mission is to ensure that clients are shielded from physical harm. We spare no expense or detail when your safety is in question. Our Close Protection Agents are Trained for Trust and can anticipate threats and effectively avoid them.  In higher-threat destinations, many organizations employ security agents to help protect the safety and well-being of middle managers and other employees. In addition to close protection support, agents provide guidance and advice regarding travel to certain areas of the city – and even the selection of a restaurant that meets acceptable security standards. An agent is extremely valuable in locations where security conditions can change at a moment’s notice. Agents also have business value by enhancing peace-of-mind. Instead of worrying about security issues, the traveler can focus on business-related matter issues – the reason why they are visiting their assigned locale.

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Private Investigation


At Abraham Security & Training Services, Inc. (ASATS) our investigations are the most thorough and accurate available; all are conducted with complete discretion and confidentiality.


We provide outstanding services that include, but are not limited to:

Legal Investigations

Corporate Investigations

Loss Prevention



Child Support

ASATS is committed to meeting individual needs and can customize solutions to achieve this. Our private investigations get the job done correctly, cost effectively and confidentially.

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Security Personnel


Abraham Security & Training Services, Inc. (ASATS) provides a range of highly trained security personnel trained to protect your greatest assets—staff, residents, property, and reputation. Whether you need an armed uniform officer licensed and trained to carry firearms during their shift or an unarmed uniformed or plain clothes officer that can monitor your property or retail establishment, ASATS has a security personnel to meet your needs. Our officers can handle a myriad of situations requiring protection of money, jewelry, art works, firearms, or other objects which might attract armed robbers.


Types of Security Personnel

District of Columbia Armed and Unarmed Uniformed Special Police Officers

Maryland Armed and Unarmed Uniformed and Plain Clothes Security Officers

Virginia Armed and Unarmed Uniformed and Plain Clothes Security Officers

Security Patrols (District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia)

  • Foot patrol
  • Marked patrol vehicles
  • Close Circuit T.V. Monitoring
  • Access Control (onsite and offsite monitoring only; technology provided by clients)
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